Background: Between 1985 and 2009 I made five study trips to Japan. The sights, smells and experiences gained in that wonderfully unfathomable country, remain vivid, almost tangible. My passion for Japan began in the 1960s, though I cannot explain why it took over twenty years to travel there. The history of Japanese architecture was part […]


The Unity of Art and Life

INTRODUCTION: For some three decades now, my cameras have been firmly focussed on the subject of architecture. Writing “Max Dupain and the Photography of Australian Architecture “(Thesis, QUT, 1996) served to reinforce these interests. Mark Stiles’ invitation to contribute to: “The Unity of Art and Life” exhibition at the Willoughby Incinerator Art Space was entirely […]

Glowing Gums 1


Artists of the Northern Beaches: Manly Art Gallery and Museum. September 11 — 25, 2009 The Eucalypt, or gum tree, is an integral part of the Australian identity. It’s leaf — both in shape and aroma is emblematic of the nation.Pittwater’s recreation reserves and national parks are home to numerous species. So ubiquitous and yet subtly different […]